Amongst the proud driving force in this era of cycling, Garrett Chow’s passion for cycling has taken him very far. In college, Garrett studied Graphic Design and Illustration. Later, moving to The Netherlands, he continued working at design agencies and painted with a street-art crew, The London Police, for many years - traveling the world doing installations and commissions. He began riding track bikes on the velodrome, then on the street. After meeting Mike Martin and Gabe Morford on a subsequent trip back home to San Francisco, CA, he returned to the US to begin work with Mike and Gabe on MASH SF.

Distance Rides:

Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California: 750 miles, 8 days, solo.

Berlin, Germany, to Milano, Italy: 1000 miles, 10 days.

Los Angeles, California to The Grand Canyon, Arizona: 750 miles, 8 days.


Other accomplishments: 

2008: MASH SF feature-length film premier in Japan, 2 trips.

Cinelli collaboration and product development. 

2009: Invitation ride and film with Lance Armstrong, Austin, Texas.

Rode 9 stages of the Tour of California on track bike.

2008-2010: Specialized Globe brand Design Director, Product-Developer, and Brand-Manager.

2010-2013: Director and Designer of Performance Road Bikes, Components and Wheels —in-line, special projects, Pro bikes, team bikes for Specialized. High-lights include bikes he designed for Alberto Contador, Mark Cavendish, Tom Boonen, Fabian Cancellara, and Zdenek Stybar.

Continues work as Designer and Product-Developer with MASH SF and Cinelli. Products include: Cinelli, MASH ‘Histogram’ frame set, Cinelli MASH ‘RGB’ single-speed cyclocross frame set, and Cinelli MASH ‘Parallax’ frame set.

Photos: Top, John Watson. Bottom, Jeremy Dunn.

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